Case Series
Giant urinary bladder stones
Charles Azuwike Odoemene
Senior Lecturer/Consultant Urologist, Urology unit, Department of Surgery, Federal Teaching Hospital Abakaliki (FETHA), Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Article ID: 100933Z01CO2018
doi: 10.5348/100933Z01CO2018CS

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Charles Azuwike Odoemene
Urology Unit, Department of Surgery
Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki (FETHA)
Ebonyi State, Nigeria

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Odoemene CA. Giant urinary bladder stones. Int J Case Rep Images 2018;9:100933Z01CO2018.


Introduction: Giant urinary bladder stone is one that weighs 100 grams or more and more than four centimeters in diameter. It is a rare occurrence in modern urological practice. Most patients have associated bladder outlet obstruction predisposing to recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI), urinary frequency, urinary incontinence, hematuria, urinary retention. Most giant bladder stones are radiopaque and plain abdominal radiographs will be useful in diagnosis. They preferred form of treatment is open cystolithotomy.

Case Series: Three cases of giant urinary bladder stones were encountered in a period of nine years. Two (66.7%) patients had neurogenic bladder and one (33.3%) patient had benign prostatic hyperplasia. The three were symptomatic for more than five years before presenting due to poverty, ignorance and unavailability of health facilities with common imaging techniques. All the patients had open cystolithotomy and did well post operatively.

Conclusion: Giant urinary bladder stones is still a rarity in modern urological practice causing enormous morbidity when presentation is late as in the cases in this series. The three stones were radiopaque and open cystolithotomy was safe in extracting the stones completely without damage to the urinary bladder. All the stones were mixed in nature.

Keywords: Cystolithotomy, Giant urinary bladder stones, Hematuria, Late presentation

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