Case Report
Pediatric acute colonic pseudo-obstruction post complicated appendicitis
Yasir R. Alshareef
Department of pediatric surgery, College of medicine, Imam University, PO Box 285483, City code 11323, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


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Yasir R. Alsahreef
Department of pediatric surgery
College of medicine, Imam University, PO Box 285483
City code 11323, Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

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Alshareef YA. Pediatric acute colonic pseudo-obstruction post complicated appendicitis. Int J Case Rep Images 2016;7(1):7–10.

Introduction: Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction or Ogilvie syndrome is a rare but potentially fatal disorder. In addition, it can present diagnostic dilemma especially after complicated appendicitis where postoperative ileus and mechanical obstruction are more common. It has a significant morbidity and mortality rate that can be prevented by early diagnosis and prompt management.
Case Report: A nine-year-old boy was presented with clinical features of a ruptured appendix. The child was taken up for an exploratory laparotomy after an initial resuscitation, postoperatively, was eventful with a continued fever (38–39°C) and abdominal distention. So a second laparotomy was undertaken 10 days later, and the patient showed dramatic improvement before he developed progressive abdominal distention, mainly due to large bowel dilatation. Therefore, a diagnosis of acute colonic pseudo obstruction predicted and the patient managed conservatively with good response.
Conclusion: The possibility of acute colonic pseudo-obstruction should be considered in deferential diagnosis of bowel obstruction post-complicated appendicitis, since early diagnosis and prompt management can improve the outcome of this potentially serious condition.

Keywords: Acute appendicitis, Acute Colonic Pseudo-obstruction, Ogilvie syndrome, Postoperative complication

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